Sunday, April 25, 2010

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Look at that, I took and posted a photo all in the same day. Like I said in the previous post, today is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. So here is my photo taken with the pinhole lens I made for my DSLR. Spring is slowly making its way to my part of the world, so I thought that a photo of new leaves on the trees would be appropriate.

10 sec, f/stop - unknown, ISO 100, pinhole lens, tripod


  1. Kinda cool what you can do with it. I find it gives it a old look.

  2. Joel, could you post a photo of the lens itself? I'm intrigued as to how you made it.

  3. Blogeomah,

    I have a whole post that talks about the lens. Just click the "pinhole lens" link in this post to take you there.