Monday, January 4, 2010

Musical Punch Bowl

Sorry, things have been slow on the blog lately. I just need a break every now and then.

Here's an example of my playing around with a technique called shaped bokeh. I think I have the technical part down, but I haven't really come up with anything too inspiring yet. There's lots of tutorials out there explaining how to do this so instead of taking the time to write another one, just to make myself look smart, I'll direct you to the one I used:

1-20 sec, f/1.8 (well that's what the camera was set to, I guess to find what it really was you'd have to calculate the area of the music note shape and then find what the diameter of a circle with the same area would be, then divide that into the focal-length), ISO 800, 50mm (35mm eqv. 81mm)


  1. we're allowed a break every now & then... ;) but how i enjoyed seeing a new post on here! that is REALLY COOL!!!

  2. it is good
    i like it

  3. This is SO COOL!! I plan on trying this immediately. This is just the inspiration I needed to try something new and exciting! Thanks so much for sharing!