Thursday, January 21, 2010


1/50 and 1/80 sec, f/5.7, ISO 400, 55mm (35mm eqv. 88mm), hand-held, halogen lighting and a little on-camera flash for the orange

This is another joint effort with Alain.


  1. That's pretty cool what you did there. We had a fancy set up huh?

  2. Very cool. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes photo also. Great use of reflective materials. Keep it up.

  3. Nice picture!!!
    can you tell me how to create "Behind the scene" link and to hide that photo?

  4. Thanks Prasanth.

    Here's how I create the Behind the Scenes link:

    You need to go into "Edit HTML" in the post editor and paste the code below at the end of your post.

    Then replace every occurrence of "BTS20100121" with a name that's unique to your blog, be sure to leave the "#" and "div" where they are. For a name, I always use BTS for "Behind the Scenes" and then the date in the form year, month, day. This is a good way to make sure that it will always be unique on my blog, unless I do more than one post in a day, then I would add the time or some other number. It needs to be unique so if there's more than one post with a BTS on the page at the same time your browser needs to be able to tell them apart, so when you click on a link the right hidden section opens.

    Then replace "(Put stuff you want hidden here)" with whatever you would like in the hidden section.

    From this point on, I'd recommend doing any farther editing on the post in "Edit HTML" mode. Blogger sometimes has a hard time preserving the special code when switching back and forth and it may get altered. If you're uncomfortable editing HTML then I'd suggest writing the whole post, including the stuff you want hidden, in "Compose" mode. Then switch to "Edit HTML" and add the code below and then you can just cut and paste the stuff you want hidden into the hidden section.

    <div style="text-align: center;"><a href="#BTS20100121" name="BTS20100121" onclick="document.getElementById('divBTS20100121').style.display='';"><b>Behind the Scenes</b></a></div><div id="divBTS20100121" style="display:none;">

    (Put stuff you want hidden here)