Monday, December 21, 2009

Reuben Vs. Beef

Reuben's been enjoying mashed cereals for a while now. We tried starting him on some meat recently, pureed steak. He didn't really like it. Can't say that I blame him, that stuff looks and smells disgusting! He was excited at first, but didn't quite know what to do once it was in his mouth. It was funny to watch, is that cruel? Poor little guy. He likes chicken much better.


  1. I love the expressions, very funny!

  2. hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... that's hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I couldn't resist of these days he is going to be the one with the camera...on his dad in the same situation...think about it! Dad is going to be the one with no teeth, eating pureed disgusting smelling food...I just couldn't resist that! GREAT photos...I of course, have my own dialog going on in my head with each picture..wonderful moments!!! ;=o)