Monday, November 16, 2009

Oak Lane

I tried to get this straight, but I was just a little off center. It's pretty close though.

8s, f/18.2, ISO 100, 55mm (89mm eqv.)


  1. Be brave, crop the shot (and maybe straighten a little, too?). It's so good it deserves that final polish.

    You've got some great tones in the conversion and the composition is real good. Well seen,taken and converted. Nice!

  2. Thanks!

    I did straighten a bit and corrected some lens distortion, but for some reason the horizontal lines still look off, even though when I scroll this page and line them up with the top of the browser window they look fine.

    I should have taken another little step to the left to line up the center of metal-work with the center of the block behind. Maybe that would have straightened out the cracks in the bricks along the bottom of the frame too.

    I could have adjusted the prospective, I guess, the verticals aren't too vertical.

    I have a hard time, when I'm behind the camera, to stop and think things though. I was actually out to shoot something else (which I doubt I'll even post, since I'm not that happy with the results). I just saw this walking back to the car and took a quick snap, but maybe I'll go back and give it another go.

  3. nice blog with great photos ...... congratulations

  4. bravo, joelmac!!!!!! so crisp and dramatic! reminiscent of :)))