Thursday, September 17, 2009

Powered Paraglider

After the balloon launch in the last post there was a Powered Paraglider demonstration. A paraglider is basically a large parachute, but can glide for a longer time then a parachute. A powered paraglider is a paraglider with a big fan strapped on the rider's back. This looked like a lot of fun. I've been parachuting a few times and thoroughly enjoyed it once the parachute opened and everything was alright, but the few seconds before that was a bit scary. I can feel my heart rate climb just thinking about it. Seriously, it's climbing as I type this. Paragliding seems like it'd be much more enjoyable for me, and you don't need a plane, 'cause you can start from the ground. I bet you could get some great pictures up there too!


  1. Super shots. It does look fun. Do you have any idea of the cost for one. Can it be rigged to steer with your feet after launch? Just think of the birds eye view you can get with a camera. What an angle.

  2. I'm not really sure what one would cost, a few thousand, maybe. You normally steer with your hands by pulling on ropes, but steering with your feet would keep your hands free for the camera, not sure if that would be possible.

  3. nice photos!!!

    Antonio Rodríguez

  4. The last one is really good. Good catch!

  5. PPG costs around $10,000 for new equipment and instruction.
    Many use a trike instead of the backpack model and with most trikes it can be rigged to steer with feet, once launched.
    Wonderful way to do landscape photos