Monday, September 21, 2009

Kings Landing

Visited Kings Landing Historical Settlement a while ago. It's like a living museum in the form of a town with about 70 buildings. My favorite was the fully functional, water powered saw mill.


  1. That top oone is a cracker, Joel. If you've got the tools, straightening the perspective would give it a final polish (you know, so the left hand wall corner etc. is vertical, rather than leaning in).

  2. Thanks! The top one is actually three photos stitched together (I need to get a wider lens!) That's probably where the weird perspective is coming from. I noticed that too, but only after it was posted. The two top windows look like they're leaning back too, as if the roof was sagging :( I need to pay more attention to that stuff.

    I know the GIMP has a perspective tool, that might fix it. Do you have any suggestions of free tools that would be able to clean this up?