Monday, May 11, 2009


I was watching my parents house last week while they were away. They have a neighbour called Morris. He's a partridge who likes small, loud motors. Whenever you're nearby with an ATV or a lawn tractor, he darts out of the woods to keep you company. I summoned him with the ATV in order to photograph him. It started out well, I was laying on the ground and he'd walk back and forth right in front of the camera. However, it turns out he's not as friendly as he first seemed. I got a few shots in before he decided he'd had enough. He charged the camera and started beating me with his wings and I think he latched on to my finger at one point. Luckily, his chops aren't that strong and my camera and I survived. Then I ate Morris for supper. Just kidding, he's fine.


  1. Hey Joel,

    I think that you've inadvertently been identified as a possible mate - the small motor sounds are the calling of a potential mate - he sees you, you lie down compliantly, he does his courtship dance, and the beating wings and grabbing hold of you...

    Maybe not... hehe!


  2. Hmmm. I hadn't thought of that. I feel so violated.

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  4. WOOOoooOWWW!! Morris is sooo cool!!! haha! Awesome shots, Joel. If you're interested, I've got some cute pictures of swans and goslings! haha

  5. ha ha ha ... I had a good laugh reading all the above comments :P

    Great pictures anyway.

    Greetings from cat city Kuching.

  6. I hope you told him : "Your goose is cooked !" before you had him for lunch... and I agree with the first comment above, I think I see a gleam of love in that beady little eye... but I wouldn't brood about it too much if I were you...

  7. Wonderful photos in the last few posts that I have missed. I also laughed at the comments above..some good advice to avoid the ground. Im always struck by the clarity of your images and the vibrant colors. Great job!