Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bridges (Part 3)

Here are some more photos of the bridge from last time.


  1. fabulous bridge love the structure.

  2. ha! i love how you put your name on that last pic! :) HI JULIE!!!!!

  3. Hi Joel,

    The last shot works real well with its dramatic lead-in and the eye zooming along to the woman. Did u think about HDR for this? - it's an ideal shot for it.

    If you took it in RAW you'd be able to bring some detail into the highlights if you wanted, and still keep that wonderful halo effect.

    Sorry to stick my nose in, lol! What do you think?


  4. Mark,

    Thanks for the comments. I'm still new at this so I appreciate any tips anyone has. Stick your nose in all you want.

    I've only recently started shooting RAW, these were all shot RAW, but the highlights in the last one are completely blown out. I agree that it'd be nice to have some detail there, but oh well. I should pay more attention while on location I guess.

    The first two photos are my first attempts at HDR. In the first one I just lightened up the detail inside the bridge a bit. I spent quite a long time on the second one. I even replaced the blown out sky with a more interesting one from a different photo. Maybe I could have done something similar with the last one.

  5. Personally, I would keep it the way it is. We all know how our eyes reacted towards bright light from a dark tunnel. If you have to, maybe just a tag if there's room for you bring it back. But I wouldn't try to make it to details if I was you.
    I honestly thought that you did it deliberately.
    I Love it!