Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well I finally made it outside again, although, I'm still stuck in macro mode. I was trying to get a really nice, well structured snowflake. These flakes are all a couple days old, I need to get out quicker then that, while it's still snowing, I think.


  1. Pretty cool shots. When I saw the second one it reminded me of an ocean wave coming towards shore. You have inspired me to look for a macro lens!

  2. wow, I'm...speechless. This is phenomenal. What on earth kind of zoom lens are you using?!?!

  3. Thanks.

    For these, I'm using the lens that came with my camera (EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS) with Extension Tubes. I talked about Extension Tubes about 8 posts ago, if you're interested.

  4. Joel,
    These are breathtaking. I actually like that there is not a clearly defined snowflake in the first couple. Also, thank you for your comment yesterday. I'm not discouraged at all and I appreciate your knowledge and advice. I really want to get my own camera (the one I use now is a Nikon D50 and is actually Steve's old camera!) and I had been looking at the exact model you have for a months. Just saving my pennies! I will try your advice. It's definitely going to be worth the effort, seeing what you have done with your macros!

  5. These truly are amazing. I missed your popsts on Extension Tubes, but am back tracking right now.

  6. i agree with all of the above!!! WOW!!! phenomenal macros, joel!!! wtg!!!

    on another do you mark your photos with '©2009 joel mackenzie'??! thanks for your help!

    keep these fab photos comin'!!! do you post everyday??! ha! that may change when the baby comes! ;DDD

  7. Thanks!

    I use The GIMP ( for all of my editing needs. To speed things up, I found a script for GIMP that allows me to add the text with one button, but you could use the text tool too.

    I try to post three times a week (Mon, Wed, and Fri). So far I've done pretty good with keeping up, we'll see when the baby comes. I suspect my subject matter will be quite limited for a while though :)