Friday, December 5, 2008

What's This? (Part 4)

Here comes round 4?

Guess what the objects in the pictures are. Leave your answers in a comment. Take a look at all the pictures first, before looking at the comments as someone may have already made guesses.


  1. The first one is not a door bell.

  2. 1st - top of a screwdriver?
    2nd - a caster wheel on the bottom of some piece of furniture?
    3rd - what does it say on the metal?

  3. 1st - nope.
    2nd - nope, but good try. It's something that probably everyone has, but this one is fancier then most.
    3rd - It doesn't say anything on the metal.

  4. Alain, I think I'm giving you ideas!

    #2 - can opener!

  5. Alain is right.
    Harmony is wrong.

    I thought that the first one would be really easy, it's very common. You may not see one every day, but you'll probably use at least one today. Although it might not look exactly like this, I think this is the most common, or most recognizable type.

    I knew the second one would be hard. I don't use it often, but some people would use it many times a day, depending on their habits.

  6. Is the 1st a doorstop?
    Can you tell us what room the 2nd is normally found in?

  7. The 1st is more common then a door stop, I think.

    The 2nd is normally in your pocket for people that use it all the time, for people that don't, it could be stored anywhere I guess, maybe in a junk drawer.

  8. The first one looks like a furniture knob. The second one is a lighter?

  9. Good Job! The second one is a lighter, but the first is not a knob.

    I made a full size image of the lighter since I thought it would be the hardest: