Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Moon Looks Bigger and Brighter than Normal

There's good reason for that. Last Friday night (Dec 12 '08) the moon was at the closest point to the Earth on it's orbit and it was full. Those two things together aren't due to happen again until 2023! I was quite disappointed Friday when I saw that it was raining and therefore, cloudy. But when I got up Saturday morning to shoot the sunrise again the clouds were mostly gone and the moon was still out. I couldn't find a spot where I could see them both at the same time. There were trees on the very top of the hill that I was on with a clearing on either side. So I'd take a few shots of the sunrise and then run down a short path to the other side to get the moon and then run back again. I kept warm.


  1. It looks darker then it was, probably about 7:50.

  2. Great photo of the moon! The moon is striking but so are the colors in the sky. Great dedication to get up early for sunrises.