Monday, November 17, 2008

What's This? (Part 2)

Time for another around. Hopefully these are a little more challenging.

Guess what the objects in the pictures are. Leave your answers in a comment. Take a look at all the pictures first, before looking at the comments as someone may have already made guesses.


  1. -???
    -mascara thingny
    -dust on a fan grill
    -soap on
    -water on a blue string

  2. This one wasn't suppose to be published now. I forgot to schedule it :( Oh well.

    It's not soap, but I guess you have the right idea. It's white hot chocolate in a mug.

    It's not a blue string. I'm going to be more picky with this one since I think it's guessable. The reflections in the water drops should be a hint.

    No ideas for the first one?

  3. -for the last one it's a cloths line
    -OH for the first one it's a door hinge

  4. You are giving me inspiration to experiment with macro- ordinary objects. Im in a competition to post a photo a day for 365 days in a row, so thank you for nudging me to look closer to home for a daily picture.
    Nice job- I enjoy your blog