Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Did some more splash photos. I finally got a flash (I'll talk more about it later), which makes things much easier. No longer do I need to worry about having the fastest shutter speed possible, so I can close down the aperture to get a deeper depth of field.

I think this picture is interesting because it's actually two drops colliding in mid air. The first drop makes a splash and then a drop from the splash moves up and hits the next drop coming down. There's many other, much better, examples of this on the web, but it's the first time I've caught it.

1/160 sec
55mm (35mm eqv. 88mm)
ISO 200
lighting: Sunpak 622 Super Pro @ 1/128 power on camera left, reflecting off a white background


  1. Very good! I must try to take some of these myself.

  2. Glad to see you back!

    This is a funny shape one. It doesn't seam possible this could occur but it's probably just caught in the right time.

  3. Hola Joel, muy bien fotos, un abrazo fuerte desde España.


  4. Nice. I been wanting to do more with shutter speed myself.