Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reuben - 4 Months Old

Reuben's four months old today! He discovered his feet recently.


  1. love the one looking down to his feet. sa-weeeeeet, joelmac! :))) the 'clothesline' one was a grand idea, too! way to go!

  2. All of these photos are so wonderful. Rebuen is going to have one heck of a photo album!! Putting the adorable subject aside, the quality of the images are really good...better than any studio work of children that I have seen.

  3. Very nice moments captured. Beautiful Boy.
    The clothesline with the tiny socks makes a great addition to these baby photos.
    Well done.
    All the best to him.

  4. Wonderful photo study, and I love those socks.

  5. He's completely adorable, and your portraits of him are wonderful. Love the clothesline with the itty-bitty socks. Nice ending to your little photo essay.