Friday, February 27, 2009

Playing with Fire

Don't try this at home, kids!

Actually, this is more about playing with smoke. My friend Alain and I got together the other day to see what kinds of things we could do with smoke.

I thought this one cool, I call it "48". I just messed with the colors, the shape is natural.

I messed with everything on this one.


  1. So you're saying the 48 was there?

    Kinda neat what you did with the colors.

  2. Yeah, the "48" was there. I thought it was quite a coincidence. If it was just an "8", I wouldn't be so surprised since it's kind of a swirly number, but to have it so nicely lined up to something that looked like a "4" and to have them both right side up (I didn't even rotate) was pretty cool.

  3. Yeah, I the lotto :) Actually, I love the last one, the patterns and shapes are amazing and your addition of the colors really adds a new dimension to the composition. Great idea, Joel!

  4. Wow..very eye catching and fascinating. You are very creative to experiment with such different subject matters!

  5. sooo cool. I love smoke, it has endless possibilities! I actually just recently had to do a photo illustration for my school newspaper about smoking, and I got my boyfriend to blow smoke up into an overhead light at night and you can clearly make out a heart in the middle. I'll have to put that one up!
    Love the added color to yours :)