Monday, February 2, 2009

Blast from the Past

Well not really. I didn't have much to post today so I found some random photos from before I started this blog, just after I got my SLR, which was Oct 2008.


  1. I love today's blog! Even at the beginning, you were still so talented in photography! What a natural!

  2. I love these pics, as I do so many of your photos. Can you discuss at some point the type of lighting that you use with your inside photos? great job.

  3. Thanks!

    Now that I think more about it, these shots aren't really that random. The first three are from a wedding we were at around that time and the last is our own wedding photo.

    My lighting is quite simple as I don't really know much about lighting and the only flash I have is the one built into my camera. I do know that these first two were taken with the built-in flash, the last two were with whatever light was in the room at the time, I believe the correct term would be "natural light", even though the light may be from man-made sources.

    The majority of my inside photos seem to be without a flash and often with a tripod, although these were hand-held. If I remember correctly, the only reason I used a flash in the first two was because there wasn't enough light in the room for a shutter speed fast enough to eliminate camera shake and I didn't have my tripod yet.

    Looking back a little ways: The rings were all without a flash, although, most were beside a window and the for the second and last one I had a lamp shining on them.

    The plant and the watch were all without a flash and had no special attention to lighting.

  4. I found this link for DIY (Do It Yourself) Lighting tricks, some very cheap and simple, others, not so much:

  5. I love your photography. It just makes me smile everytime I see them:] my favorite is the orange flower.

  6. i am LOVING your 'attempts' at photography. really original new takes on simple overly photographed objects like the flowers and rings. love love love.