Friday, November 28, 2008

What's This? (Part 3)

Ready for round 3?

Guess what the objects in the pictures are. Leave your answers in a comment. Take a look at all the pictures first, before looking at the comments as someone may have already made guesses.


  1. I only have a guess for the first one...

    The back of a standing photo frame?

  2. I could tell the first was a hinge but I didn't really know what on until I saw the comment above and I think she's right.
    2nd: deodorant, a cream, or a christmas ornament
    Is the 3rd one part of a fan?
    The last one looks like frosty dead grass.

  3. They're starting to get a little harder.

    You were right about the first one. The second one is deodorant. Then third is the crank to open my living room window and the last one is my wife's make-up brush.