Friday, November 14, 2008

What's This? (Part 1)

Last week I said that I'd have something interactive so here it is.

Let's play a game! Below are some close-ups of things. Can you guess what objects are? Leave a comment with your answers. We'll start with some easy ones.


  1. -hair
    -hair clips and hair elastics
    -cloths line
    -post it
    -hair dryer
    -something orange

  2. the somthing orange is a candle I believe... am I right?

  3. Also, are you using a macro lens? or just the one that came with the camera?

  4. Congats! Ya figured them all out. Perhaps those were too easy. I'll make them harder next time.

    It's the kit lens (18mm-55mm). It's got some half-decent macro capability though.